April 6, 2024

21 Product Photography Ideas for E-commerce

21 Product Photography Ideas for E-commerce

21 product photography ideas for your e-commerce. 1. Momentary Capture 2. Dramatic Shot 3. Symmetrical Photoshoot 4. Before and After Shot 5. Creative Humor

E-commerce product photography can be a true game-changer if you know how to do it properly.

As online businesses are now up and running, the importance of product photography has increased. A cluttered site results in a poor conversion rate, while inconsistency in product photography degrades a customer's shopping experience.

On the other hand, a captivating site leads to the most purchases. People love to explore those sites that have clear and detailed product photos, highlighting all their uniqueness. No matter what you sell on your site, if your photos are not engaging enough, people won't visit it a second time.

That's why we have brought to you 21 e-commerce product photography hacks to outshine your competitors.

Before jumping into the hacks, let’s start with a basic first.

Different Types of Product Photography

If you want professional photographs on your site, you should learn different types of photography concepts. Different product imagery can be a life-changing hack that accomplishes most of the work.

Our eyes are naturally drawn to beautiful things. With high-quality engaging product photos, success won't be far from you.

There are mainly 8 different types of product photography styles. Based on your business needs, you can incorporate the style that works best for you.

1. Detailed Shots:

These photography styles help customers get a close-up image of your products. They can examine all the detailed features of your products through this type of photography.

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2. Studio Shot:

This photography style aims for clarity of the product, capturing what is seen with the naked eye.

These types of photography require a plain background so nothing distracts from the product shots.

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3. Lifestyle Photo-shoot:

Lifestyle photography gives customers a sense of how the product is incorporated into the real world.

By seeing the image, customers can imagine how useful the product can be. Though such photography may seem staged, it's what attracts most in today's online world. You have to be creative to capture the authenticity of your product.

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4. Packaging shot:

Packaging shots are essential as they help to capture the brand value. Customers get a sense of what they will receive in terms of branding and product content.

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5. Flat Lay photoshoot:

These types of shots are taken from above. They offer an artistic viewpoint to capture the essence and stylish remarks of your products. For your jewelry and accessory products, you can choose this type of photoshoot.

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6. Single product shot:

Instead of too many products at the same time, this photography type captures an individual shot of only one product. No other objects will be in the shot. Such photography is mainly used for banners and catalogues.

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7. Product Process Shot:

This type of photography captures the craftsmanship behind every product. Seeing the imagery, customers can differentiate the quality and authenticity of the product from cheap replicas.

8. Group Photoshoot:

Group photography is a combination of different aspects of the products. The color, variation, and size of every object are what make these types of photography unique. It mainly offers a technical point of view of a product.

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21 Unique Product Photography Ideas for your e-commerce site:

Well, a product can be approached in so many ways. This e-commerce marketplace is already competitive enough. If you want to stand out, you need to think outside the box. And that's where these hacks come in. These product photography ideas adjust on so many levels of photography concepts. By using these, you can make every shot eye-catching.

1. Momentary Magic Capture

This photography idea captures sudden moments, like an explosion, jump, or fall shot. It's a cool idea to create a sense of suspense and show how high-quality your product is.

2. Dramatic Shot

Create a mysterious aura around your product using smoke to really enhance the dramatic effect of your shot.

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3. Symmetrical Photoshoot

Place your products with relevant props symmetrically for an eye-catching shoot.

Such hacks are true to quality. It means your products are aligned from every angle with the incorporation of props.

4. Before and After Shot

These hacks show the true result of transformation after using your product. The picture talks about your customer's pain point.

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5. Incorporate Broken Elements

Such product photography ideas are unique and eye-catching. Use broken products as elements for these shoots. Position each broken piece in a way that is almost too artistic.

6. Choose Right Background

Backgrounds help your product photography stand out. You can use any type of background to set the mood. It can be textured, or you can even place your product on sand, stone, or water to get a unique photograph.

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7. Creative Humor

Customers love to look at photos with a fun element. It draws the most attention. Use light humor when doing a product photoshoot.

Here, you can create unexpected situations. For example, if you're selling mugs, you can add a funny message to them.

But make sure the humor is tasteful and aligns with your brand and marketing goals. Don't overdo it.

8. Incorporate Reflections?

Don't be surprised. The reflection effect makes the most aesthetic look for your overall photoshoot. You can use mirrors or glass to add depth to your shot and put reflections into action. Or you can use photo editing software or services to bring the reflection effect to your photos. Whatever you do, reflection methods work wonders for product photography.

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9. Do Something Out of the Box

Putting unusual items in unexpected places is what shocks and draws attention.

If you're selling a fridge, you can add a pair of sunglasses to it.

What makes such a photoshoot really successful is how you shape the storyline. It encourages the audience to see what happens behind the scenes and the possibilities of the product.

10. Mood Lighting

Lighting helps create the specific mood that your photoshoot demands. Use a lightbox to control the shadow, contrast, and color of your image.

Play with different light moods. It helps enhance different features of your product, making it look much better on screen.

Try experimenting with different photography lighting, such as broad lighting, butterfly, or loop lighting, to add the wow factor to the shot.

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11. Enhance the Product Color

Here's a little editing tip for you. After every photoshoot, you can enhance the product color to convey the true color through the screen.

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12. Incorporate Human Body Parts

Don't be scared. We're talking about hiring models here.

You can hire hand models to creatively showcase your product that is supposed to be shown. You can get really creative.

Placing the product on the hand or having a hand come into the scene out of nowhere to grab the product is what captures the audience's mind.

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13. Get Crafty

We did some craft projects during our school time. It's time to put those skills to work.

Make every shot creative by using paper crafts as a backdrop.

If you're shooting for skincare products, you can create a paper backdrop recreating a cool vanity or beach scene.

14. Floating Image

It's like your product has some sort of superpower. To achieve the floating image shot, you hang your products to make them three-dimensional. Make sure to add movement to the product. You can use a fishing line to take such a photo.

After the photoshoot, you can use object-removing apps to remove those lines from the photo and make it look like it's floating.

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15. Convey the Emotion

Pay attention to the audience's emotions about your product. You need to truly connect with your audience by capturing those emotions through your photography.

For example, if you're selling headphones, you can create an idea around music distracting everything happening around you and transporting you to a different world.

16. Use Supportive Objects

What objects best support your product? Try to incorporate them into your photoshoot.

Firstly, you have to write down every association that comes to mind. Next, incorporate them with out-of-the-box ideas.

If you're selling ketchup, one thing that comes to mind is food. You can use dipping sauce for a chicken nugget concept for the photography.

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17. Draw Over Products

That's a new photoshoot technique that people are enthusiastic about. You can add or draw doodles or text around the photo to create a cool effect.

18. Macro Shot

Macro photography works well for highlighting the small details of the product. Such shots work great for jewelry, food items, fabrics, and accessories.

You can take those shots from different angles to bring out the true color and texture of the product.

Then, use photo editing apps if you have time and skill set, or use services to remove the background and create a filmy story.

19. Try Out Odd Angles as Well

Photoshoots are all about creativity. You can choose something completely out of the ordinary angle for your product, and it can turn out great.

Some ideas are low-angle shots. It helps to make the product look bigger and highlight the smallest details.

High-angle shots make your product unique from the background.

You can try wide-angle shots to give your product photography an edgy look.

20. Mannequin:

Ghost mannequin creates a more realistic and visually appealing picture of the product by removing the mannequin. Ghost Mannequin product photography ideas can be utilized for

clothing and accessories, jewelry, electronics, etc.

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21. Still the Motion

Motion photography brings a new level of versatility to capturing stunning images. With the use of water, flour, or powder, you can create stunning images that go beyond the human eye's capacity. To capture the sharp still motion, remember to set fast shutter speeds of 1/400.

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Product Photography Equipment

The equipment you use in product photography plays a great role in taking a perfect shot.

For great photography, you need to start with a great camera. A DSLR or mirrorless camera is great if you're a first-timer just starting. Use a tripod if you don't want to capture a shaky image.

The ideal lens is important to capture what you truly want to achieve. Use different types of lenses, such as macro lenses, zoom lenses, and wide-angle lenses, to try out different photography styles.

Also, there are many more equipment you need for professional photography, such as lighting kits, backdrops, props, etc.

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Photography Post Production

Most behind-the-scenes magic happens during the post-production time. It's time to transform those beautifully captured photos ready for publishing on your site.

Make subtle adjustments to the photos. Sharpen the details, enhance color, and improve the overall visual effect. So the product photo you shoot pops off the screen.

Cover image

The choice of which editing software you should use solely depends on your skill level. Some popular options are Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Pixlr, Gimp, etc.

All these software ensure the final polishing of the product image. So that they look great, captivate the audience, and meet the highest standard of professionalism.

Now that you know all 21 product photography hacks, it's time to put those hacks into action. But before that, you can take a look at this simple e-commerce site.

Practical Examples


It's an online store known for selling microgreens, spices, and honey all over the USA. Take a look at their product page.

Cover image

You can see they incorporate macro shots, high-angle shots, and medium shots. Their target audience can easily see what they are getting. The nice background and flattering lighting make these product photos pop more.

Now, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just taking good-quality pictures; you should optimize them properly before uploading them to your e-commerce site.

How Product Photography can boost sales?

  1. High-quality product images help you capture your potential customers' attention. For that, you need visually appealing images. They make your product more likable and entice customers to make a purchase.
  2. Detailed photography is always captured from different angles and perspectives. When customers easily see the features, design, and functionality through better-quality pictures, they become more interested in buying it.
  3. Professional product photography works as a trust booster for your brand. It conveys professionalism and attention to detail, instilling trust among your potential customers, which drives sales.
  4. Clear and detailed photos reduce customer concerns about getting scammed. With your detailed product photography, the size, color, and other attributes are visible. So there's no point of uncertainty. It increases your brand recall and repeat customers.
  5. Unique product photography also makes you stand out among your competitors. It creates a satisfactory brand identity and position in customers' minds.


E-commerce product photography is the first step to your big online success. By presenting your product most appealingly, your business tends to attract more customers. With the right techniques and hacks, you don't need to hire an external photographer. You save time searching through free online images and bring real product images to your customers. Now, it's time to apply those tips for product photography.

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