E-Commerce Photo Retouching Service

bZm Graphics assists luxury brands, e-commerce, and studio photographers in creating high-quality visual content through services like photo editing, video editing, and e-commerce photo retouching. We maintain top-notch quality and deliver with fast turnaround times.

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Background Removal

Background Removal Service with top-notch quality every time. Cutouts, knock-outs, etching, silhouettes, etc. Whatever you call it, removing the background from a product photo puts all the attention on the selling product.

  • White, Transparent, or Custom Background Color
  • JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF format
  • Best for marketplaces
  • Focus the product on your eCommerce site

Clipping Path

Photo editing services and design become effortless with our photo studio.

Clipping Path removes or replaces image backgrounds and cuts out an object from an image. It is done by creating a line around an object in a photo with the pen tool in Photoshop. Clipping Path is the most well-known and frequently used editing service among clients. We guarantee a high-quality, hand-drawn clipping path.




Change your Color

Color Correction, Color Change, Re-coloring, etc is a popularly used service by many Ecommerce companies who work with Apparel. bZm correct color values and any color dispositions, to ensure color consistency across your entire product catalog. Take advantage of our wide range of Photo Color Correction services.

  • Change Colors of your products
  • Seamless Quality with solid color and complex patterns
  • No compromise on the texture of the fabric
  • Re-color any product without having to shoot again

Shadow Reflection

Whether it's natural shadow, drop shadow or reflection, it plays a very important role in product photography for ecommerce. Shadow brings the beauty of a product. It creates depth, perspective, and consistency of the product. At bZm our photo editors are specialized in different types of Shadow to complement the selling product.

  • Drop shadow for ecommerce photography
  • Make product look natural with shadow
  • Retouch dust or imperfections in shadow
  • Create reflection for packshot photography


It is quite crucial to show every detail of the apparel while selling online or creating a product catalog / Lookbook. Our Ghost Mannequin service comes handy in those situations to eliminate the Mannequin entirely and put every focus on the product. Our post-production crew combines multiple photos of the product and brings the exact result required to meet the standard for ecommerce photography.

  • Best choice for apparel photography
  • Mode detail are always a good option
  • Large volume Ghost mannequin service
  • Matching texture of the fabric

E-commerce Product Photo Retouching Services

  • Highest quality pictures
  • Quick turn-around
  • Affordable
  • Large-order handle capacity
bZm Image
bZm Image

From enhancing colors and contrasts to removing blemishes and distractions, our online photo retouching services ensure that every detail of your product is flawlessly showcased. Our goal is to help you present your products in the best possible light, enticing customers and boosting conversions.


We pride ourselves as the leading provider of photo retouching services, recognized globally for our exceptional expertise and reliability. Witness the difference for yourself.


Footwear Photo Retouching

bZm Graphics offer 2 different types of footwear retouching depending on the need of the client. One for ecommerce photography another for Packshot photography. We make sure from the fix imperfections, lens correction, color correction, prop removal, background removal or retouching, and retouch the shadow or create a natural looking shadow to complement the footwear photography.


Model Photo Retouching

At bZm we are specialized in Model retouching for ecommerce. We usually start with separating the model from the background using a cutout or clipping path. We make sure of the Skin retouching, Messy Hair adjustment, Color adjustment, any imperfection removal, Blemish / mole removal (If required) and more while keeping the natural looks.


Fashion Photo Retouching

We start from removing pins, loose thread, scratches, dust, stains, tape, wrinkles and creases on the fashion photography. We also make corrections like color adjustment, Color matching, cropping, light balance, Adjust alignment, straightening the product, if needed and making sure the selling product is focused at its best.

Editorial Retouching


Save Time and Money We make sure your Editorial Photography meets and is appreciated by every eye. Stand out from the crowd with our Editorial Retouching. We have served many of our clients with High-End Model images retouching, Images for lookbook, and Packshot. We also helped several ecommerce companies to create outstanding editorial camping with our editorial retouching. Why don't you become the next to take advantage of our skill?

Video Editing

Ecommerce Video editing is what brings the selling product more lively and reduces the gap to the in-store experience. Our Expert video editors ensure that every product video is accurate to its true color, perfect size and timed to attract more customers. Our team is skilled in the Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro. You can depend on us for your video post-production and save Time, money and hassle.

  • Video Color grading / Color matching
  • Video Editing for every volume
  • Background correction or removal
  • Video retouching & trimming