April 1, 2024

Jewelry Photography Tips for E-commerce

Jewelry Photography Tips for E-commerce

Master jewelry photography with our guide: tips & techniques for flawless shots, even for beginners.

When it comes to Jewelry Product Photography, there are several techniques and tips you need to master to execute everything flawlessly. Each of them plays a key role here.

Taking photos of sparkly things can seem hard. It sometimes happens if you don't have the skills.

Don't worry if you're new to the E-commerce scene and don't have the funds to hire a photographer. We are here to help you.

From choosing the right equipment to considering all the common mistakes - we make this photography process easier for you.

On that note, let's unlock all the secrets of Jewelry product photography. Let’s get started!

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Why is Jewelry Product Photography important?

First Impressions:

Among all types of product photography, Jewelry photos always have a big influence in the e-commerce marketplace. Why shouldn't they? Those shiny, sparkly things, if captured with the right skills, catch the eye of the right consumers and influence them to order immediately.

One study shows that human eyes can process photos in less than 13 milliseconds. So within this short timeframe, you have to capture their eyes with your product photography. And first impressions always matter here.

In this online world, the only things that can work best are your images and words. Taking killer Jewelry Photography is the first step to your online success.


Jewelry is like a visual form of art. It presents with elegance, intricate detail, and craftsmanship. To capture all of this requires exceptional photography skills.

Capturing the special qualities and intricacies of each artwork through well-done photography can increase its appeal to potential purchasers.

Establishes Trust:

You can trust your brand and items more when you have clear, well-taken photographs.

Consumers are more assured of the quality and authenticity of the jewelry they are buying when they can view beautiful photos with sharp details.

Outnumber the Competition:

A successful photoshoot can make your jewelry stand out from the competition in a crowded market. Captivating images can draw attention to your brands and differentiate you from competitors.

Drives Sales:

Customers can be convinced to buy a product by seeing attractive photographs. They are more likely to purchase your jewelry if they can picture themselves wearing it. Jewelry product photography can easily help you to achieve that goal.

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Essential Jewelry Product Photography Equipment

For high-quality Jewelry product photography, you need the right tools to get started. This equipment list depends on the purpose of the photography and the type of photograph you require for your business.

For a proper studio photography setting, you need the following things:

Right Camera:

When it comes to product photography cameras have always been a big deal. We are talking about professional photography here. You can't afford low-resolution pictures to showcase your brand. For that reason, we suggest starting with a mid-range level DSLR camera. It is perfect for taking product shots.

Now for the lens choose the macro lens as it allows you to take a close-up shot of the product. Buy a lens with focal lengths such as 60mm, 90mm, or 100mm.


For stability tripod is an essential equipment. It ensures you can take sharp pictures with a steady hand. It reduces camera shake and makes sure your product is always in focus.

Lighting Equipment:

A proper lighting system is the key to product photography. Lighting helps to highlight all the details and sparkles of your jewelry. To get the optimum result buy a lightbox. It helps to eliminate shadows and diffuse harsh light into soft lighting.

For continuous support, get LED or studio lights. It makes sure you always have an ample amount of supply for photography. Also, it helps to control the brightness and color temperature so you will get the perfect picture every time you click.

Also, consider buying reflectors. It helps to direct light onto the product, making it the main focus point.


Without a proper backdrop, you can’t think of a killer photograph. No matter how mad photography skills you have.

Choose a neutral color backdrop for the jewelry. Color palettes can be white, black, or gray. Such color helps to keep the focus on the product. Here you can choose paper rolls or fabric backdrops.

Incorporate Props:

You might be thinking of what's the use of props for jewelry photography. Well, props like jewelry stands, display cases, or any textured surface help to enhance the entire presentation of your photography.

Cleaning supplies:

Keep the jewelry and lens cleaning supply handy in case of emergency. You might need to clean the lens, jewelry, or camera gear in between shots for optimum results. So always keep microfiber cloths, lens cleaner, and compressed air in hand to clean up everything.

Remote Shutter Release:

This is a great invention in today's photography world. It allows you to trigger the camera shutter without touching it. As a result, you can easily take the perfect shots without the risk of shaking it.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Photographing Jewelry Products

Photography is not a single man's job. It requires attention to detail and proper execution skills to capture the beauty of the jewelry. One mistake can ruin every effort. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

Poor Lighting:

Insufficient lighting can result in dull, unappealing pictures. It also causes harsh shadow to the product which can diminish the product's sparkle and shine.

Wrong Background:

Background can make or break the entire photography effort. Choosing the wrong background can bring distractions. As it will clash with the color and style of your jewelry. But no worries a professional photo editing service can fix it all.

Wrong Color Mode:

Common color modes used in digital photography are RGB (Red, Green, Blue), CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black), and sRGB. One wrong move can impact the accuracy of your product photography.

You must know the difference between these three color modes in photography. RGB is used for digital display whereas CMYK is used for print materials. SRGM is the standard color space for digital imaging. Know what your photography purpose is, then choose the color mode accordingly.

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Incorrect composition:

Often a photographer goes with a helicopter shot rather than a close-up. It makes the most unflattering presentation of the jewelry. As jewelry is all about its details. But a straightforward plain shot can kill that glam look from the jewelry.

It is recommended to experiment with different angles. Try every nook and cranny before finalizing the shoot of the product.

Dirty or Smudged Jewelry:

Well, jewelry easily attracts dust. Also during photography fingerprints or smudges can happen. It makes the jewelry most unappealing. That's why keep the jewelry clean between every shot for a polished look.


Too much of anything is not good. Especially when it comes to editing. Overediting can make the photograph look unnatural. So just avoid it. Keep the jewelry's natural beauty with subtle adjustments.

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Best Practices for Jewelry Photography

Use Props Sparingly:

Jewelry is already so extravagant that you won't need anything else to make it appealing. The best practice is to keep the props minimal. Don't overshadow your product's beauty with complicated props.

The best product photography tip is to focus on the angles. Your piece will shine through even from the simplest form.


For product photography, one important tip is the focus. And it should always be on the product. The object might be smaller but precision always brings out the best from the product.

So the jewelry photography tip is to always bring out the sharp clean look of the product. Try playing with different angles and perspectives. Try to find the most flattering position for your Jewelry. For that, you can consider overhead shots, close-ups, and multiple angles.

Play with the light:

What we mean is to keep the correct white balance. Try to do the product photography in the daylight as it gives the best result. Play with the light, shadow, and reflection until you are happy with the outcome.


After you are satisfied with the photography, it is time to edit the images. Use professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to fine-tune your picture. It's important to balance out the color and sharpness for the most natural-looking results. Also, you can hire a professional service to do image post-processing for you.

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How to optimize the image for the website?

For best practices, it is important to optimize the Jewelry images before uploading them on your Ecommerce site. It ensures a happy and fast-loading site. Here are some optimization tips you can follow.

Choose the right file format:

You should know the appropriate image format that is used for different types of images.

JPEG is used for images with too many colors and gradients. PNG format is used to achieve transparency. SVG format is used for logos, icons, or any simple graphics.

Resize the image:

Make sure to resize the image based on the dimensions on your website. Avoid using large images that can slow down your website. The recommended image size is 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Compress the Images:

There are online tools available to compress the image without compromising the quality. Compressing ensures the image weight is not too much for the website. Keep the image weight within 5 MB to 20 MB.

Use Image file name:

The best practice is to use the image name, as it helps Google to comprehend the image better and users can easily find it on the search engines.

When naming an image file use words that best describe the image. Not numbers or any signs. Also don't use space, separate words with dashes or underscore.

Image Alt Description:

This description helps visually impaired people to easily understand the image. Also, it signals search engines to crawl and index the image.

When giving Alt text make sure it is short, concise, keyword focused but not spammy.

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Now that you know all the tips, tricks, and best practices of Jewelry Photography, it's time to start taking the pictures now. For every E-commerce online jewelry store, one thing is common. There is beautiful gorgeous jewelry on display.

What makes yours the most compelling one is how you are going to shoot and get creative with the images.

Start investing in high-quality gear and learn the right tips to showcase your jewelry to its consumers in the right way.

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