May 10, 2024

How to Use Product Videos for eCommerce Sales

How to Use Product Videos for eCommerce Sales

What to keep in mind when creating engaging product videos for your e-commerce store. We also discussed how videos can boost conversions!

E-commerce product videos aren't just a trend anymore. They've become a game-changer to increase your sales.

Imagine you're scrolling through your favorite online store. All of a sudden, an eye-catching product video appears on the screen. Instead of scrolling, you stop to watch the whole video for a minute. That's how a video of e-commerce products works.

In a world where attention spans last shorter than 10 seconds, capturing your audience's attention is tough. That's where product videos work.

But how can you take such high-quality videos? Well, let us take the lead in sharing all the secrets of making product videos for e-commerce.

Do Product Videos Increase Sales?

Product videos are not just any normal, boring videos. They are short clips that give brief intros of your products. Also, rather than just normal product images and descriptions, having product videos helps you rank on SERPs faster.

One study shows that over 50% of marketers now rely on product videos more than ever before. It's not just about staying relevant; it's about how your business can rise in the online competitive field.

Here's sharing more reasons why product videos are important:

Enhanced product understanding:

Rather than just plain text and images, now you have an immersive way to show your products. Such videos allow your buyers to analyze the product from every angle. Not only does it increase leads, but it also doubles up sales.

More Engagement:

Videos have the power to attract audiences more effectively than ever before. When you're running any marketing campaign, such videos become powerful tools to grab your audience's attention. It helps to keep your audience engaged for a longer period. Such engagement converts into more sales.

More Conversion Rate:

Video has become a storytelling medium to share the right information and also connect with the audience's emotions.

Videos help customers get a comprehensive view of the product. It's like they are unboxing and testing the product virtually.

Most consumers are inclined towards videos more than anything else.

When they like what they see, they will share it with others. Overnight, your product videos will become that viral sensation that will boost your sales.

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Different Types of Product Videos

Sometimes, a catchy social media caption won't do much that a product video can do. To level up your marketing, you need to know how to properly create product videos and at the same time know all the different types of them.

It can leverage your brand in ways that a still image or text cannot.

Before getting started with product video production, you should know what type of video you should make.

Explainer Videos:

When you want to present your e-commerce business most excitingly, explainer videos are what you need. These types of animation videos explain in minutes what your business offers to the audience.

These types of videos give a brief discussion of your products and services.

How-To Tutorial Videos:

Tutorial videos have a way of educating the audience with their usage. They provide hands-on experiences to the audience. By watching the videos, they can easily gain in-depth knowledge about the product you are selling.

Product Unboxing Videos:

Such videos give the audience a preview of the product. By watching the video, they will get an idea of what the product will look like in real life.

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Promotional Videos:

Promo videos give your brand an edge. They are made for the audience and help grab viewers' attention for longer. The format is made for commercial use. It highlights your brand and products. You can use such videos on your website and social media platforms to sell your products. But don't forget to optimize your videos for social media.

How to Use Product Videos on Your E-commerce Site

Now that you've learned all the basics, it's time to take it to the next level. You have to make product videos. To do so, you have to follow a series of steps. Here's an in-depth guideline for you to create product videos:

  • Know Your Objectives:

Before starting filming, you should define your video's goal. Are you looking to increase sales, boost conversion rates, increase brand awareness, or simply want to educate your audience to build authority? Knowing what you want gives you a roadmap of how to tailor your videos to meet those objectives.

  • Choose What Product to Feature:

Not all products are equal when it comes to introducing them in a product video. Focus on which items are visually appealing, have unique features to demonstrate, and most importantly, solve problems for your target audience. Remember, through product videos, you want to grab the attention of your audience.

  • Choose What Type of Video to Make:

Decide what type of video will best showcase your product and bring out all of its awesomeness. You can go for how-to tutorial videos or explainer videos to showcase all the features of the product. Alternatively, you can opt for testimonial videos from satisfied customers. The possibilities are endless here, so get creative!

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  • Camera, Focus, Action:

While a video is worth a million words more than pictures, instead of bombarding your audience with boring paragraphs, try to make engagements with your target customers.

When making videos, you have to make sure either you hire a professional videographer or learn all the photography tips and gadgets to start in action.

Whether you're demonstrating how your product works or showcasing your product in the trendiest threads, a well-made video can do it all for you.

  • Bring Your Products to Life:

When filming your product, think of it as a character in a movie. Your product videos should be the trailer of the movie. You want to tease the audience, pique their interest, and leave them wanting more at the end of the video, so they can grab the product after the video ends to satisfy their curiosity.

Use catchy music, creative video angles, and eye-catching visuals to create an ambiance of anticipation.

  • Tell a Story:

Every product has a story to share with the world. And a product video's job is to bring out that story and give it life. From concept creation to behind-the-design inspiration, what problem the product solves - every narrative should be demonstrated clearly in the video. It will help build a strong connection with your customer. Bonus points if you can add a bit of humor or drama to make it interesting!

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  • Keep It Snappy:

Through product videos, you have to grab your audience's attention for a longer period. Aim for short videos. They are always engaging and to the point. Think thirty seconds to a minute max for each video. Anything longer than that may bore your audience, perhaps risking losing them amidst the scrolling drama.

  • Don't Forget the Call to Action:

Whether it is "Shop Now," "Add to Cart," or "Learn More," make sure the call to action you put on the product videos is loud and clear. After watching the videos, you want your viewers to take action. Those clear calls to action are what your viewers want to do next.

After all, what's the point of making awesome Product Videos if you don't give your audience a chance to act??


Using Product Videos to promote your e-commerce business can be a total game-changer.

They are no longer just optional. They have now become an integral part of every online business.

Invest time and effort into creating jaw-dropping product videos. It's not just showcasing your product; it's creating brand value.

So what's stopping you from making awesome product videos for your e-commerce business? There's no limit to how far your e-commerce business can rise.

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